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Harnessing Opportunities

This is a brief explanation of the utilisation of unforeseen situations and events which can occur in a training or conference context. Which can be harnessed to create an experiential learning context for the participants. Similar opportunities arise in the therapeutic context to model and provide effective psycho-education.

For instance recently I have the opportunity to attend and present at a key national conference in London, UK. The topic I was seeking to support increasing the understanding around was Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and child trafficking to increase the audiences links with trauma, attachment and dissociation. No mean feat in just 1 hour after getting off the starting blocks.

Creating calmness in a chaotic experience

Just as i was into the 'flow' of my first 10  mins a opportunity arose, the setting was noisy with continuous background hustle and bustle outside a roofless and curtained off area next to various conference 'stalls'. This even in this low level 'intrusion' context made the audience reflect on the impact of trauma in various contexts such as education etc. 

Just when the audience were beginning to be able to 'tune in' an increased intrusion started with a very loud announcement came over the public address system for over a minute.

I was able during a brief pause in the dialogue booming into the room from the public address system, introduce the concept of 'intrusions' and the link this has with trauma syndromes. This psycho-education was helpful and increased the audiences focus on there reactions to the experiences. This created a grounding experience and allowed them to consider what I was discussing which was the impact of intrusive memories on the ability to 'keep both feet in the present experience'.

I used to become really anxious about unforeseen events when presenting in a room full of people but now I view this and many other opportunities which have arise as opportunities. To such a degree that this and other have frequently became one of the taking points after the presentation.... In this case it was the management of 'intrusions'.

Links with the treatment of trauma, attachment and dissociation.

A good beginning in supporting children, young people and adults who are seeking to separate from traumatic bonds is to view that that nothing is more important than safety and stability. To feel empowered by supporting the survivor to experience their internal resources and being able to manage such emotional experiences can provide a sound foundation to move forward. 


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