Psychotherapy for Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation

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I will regularly update this page on relevant and interesting research relating to trauma, attachment and dissociation.

Research of interest:

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Morris, L (2015)

Screening for post-traumatic stress symptoms in looked after children

Many children who are looked after by the state have experienced adverse and traumatic life circumstances prior to being removed from their biological parents. Previous research has highlighted that many of them experience barriers to accessing psychological therapies. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the feasibility of assessing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-like symptoms using a screening tool, and through this to determine the prevalence of PTSD-like symptoms in looked after children presenting with emotional and/or behavioural problems.

Prevalence of PTSD-like symptoms was found to be high 75 per cent amongst respondents. 

This paper cites my 2012 paper emphasising the need for a structured response to assessment of trauma and attachment for looked after children.  

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